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Real-time schedule tracking

Novacom Services offers you real-time tracking of your schedules and compliance with deadlines, ensuring successful completion of your fleet activities, journeys and assignments.

This solution is designed for planning journeys and assignments, supervising them in real time and checking their successful completion within agreed deadlines. This is a reliable and effective tool which can be used to anticipate delays or measures required for deadline compliance, and to interact with the driver.

Interface clients Novacom

The interface, developed by Novacom, is highly intuitive and enables easy visualisation of all planned journeys, as well as their supervision in real time:

  • Journey management and planning
  • Real-time surveillance of deadline compliance
  • Proactiveness/responsiveness
    • Transport & Logistics:
      • Ensure quality of service (punctuality)
      • Adapt, readjust, anticipate
    • Humanitarian activity:
      • Provide operational security
      • Trigger action if an anomaly is detected

A series of automatic reports is also available, enabling analysis of key points such as performance, compliance with deadlines, and measurement of deviations:

  • Overview of journeys completed during the period with a summary of those: on time, delayed, completed but not scheduled, etc.
  • Delivery punctuality statistics.
  • Summary of vehicle allocations: which vehicle for which assignment.