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By helping to protect people working in crisis zones, CLS helps humanitarian aid reach the most vulnerable populations.

HumaNav : Using telematics for humanitarian purposes


HumaNav is a real-time satellite geopositioning and fleet-management solution used by humanitarian organisations, NGOs and UN (United Nations) agencies for their safety and security.
Developed in 2006 in collaboration with UNITAR and CNES (the French Space Research Centre), HumaNav is designed to facilitate the tracking of vehicles on the ground, particularly in Africa and all other priority intervention zones around the world.
In addition to tracking vehicles via GPS, HumaNav enables optimisation of everyday fleet management and emergency handling, ensuring the security and safety of staff on the ground.
It is able to cater to the requirements of humanitarian agencies across the world, in terms of both security challenges and fleet management.

Our strengths

  • A solution designed for humanitarian purposes
  • A large community of users
  • A benchmark among all United Nations agencies and major NGOs.
  • Recognised experience in the sector
  • Strong returns on investment for our customers

Your returns on investment


  • Adjust and/or reduce the number of vehicles
  • Optimise your costs (mileage reduction, fuel tracking, etc.)
  • Reinvest your savings into missions
  • Increase the lifespan of your fleet
  • Reduce unauthorised use of vehicles
  • Improve your drivers’ routes: save time and money
  • Account for your expenses to donors
  • Organise your transport activities and share your resources


  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Reduction in your organisation’s carbon footprint through improvement of your drivers’ on-road behaviour
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions


  • Real-time geopositioning
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Precise tracking (VTS)
  • Technology and innovation: GPRS, satellite, hybrid (GPRS/Satellite)
  • Tracking and rapid recovery of stolen vehicles


  • SOS button for emergencies
  • Staff quickly located and assisted in the event of a problem
  • Identification of drivers
  • Improvement in driving style
  • Security alerts by direct messaging

The HumaNav standard includes:

  • On-board equipment
  • A dedicated web interface, accessible from  all supports and offering a multitude of tools and reporting
  • A multi-operator telecom subscription, anywhere in the world
  • A range of tailored services: Installation training, technical support, after-sales service
  • Data hosting and security provided by the data centre of CLS/CNES, our mother company.

HumaNav users are part of a growing community! New organisations and NGOs are joining the group every year. Feedback from the ground is shared at regular meetings.

CLS supplies its Novacom CLS Services solutions to the largest NGOs and United Nations agencies. HumaNav users include the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), as well as several large-scale organisations including the ICRC and Welthungerhilfe in Germany.

Our new services
to optimise your fleets
and performance levels:

Mission planning: Real-time progress management and organisation.

Fleet management:Predictive maintenance for a higher vehicle usage rate, management of your activities and costs.

Dashboard: Analysis of your key performance indicators for better management of your fleet.