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While most current customers of Novacom Services benefit from a comprehensive service offering with a GPS terminal, installation and web application, a new demand has emerged from industrial manufacturers and local authorities.

NovaConnect is suitable for customers who already have their own on-board terminals or for those wishing to acquire them directly from the equipment manufacturer. Furthermore, some also have an ecosystem of more or less specific professional applications as well as different telematics providers, collecting and accumulating different sets of data.

NovaConnect can therefore be used to integrate data originating from external information systems (TMS, FMS software, etc.) or terminals: an ideal single point of entry which is highly intuitive for users needing easy-to-access operational information.

NovaConnect offers numerous advantages:

  • a neutral solution
  • ability to design a solution and work in project mode with your customers
  • complete management of a fully secure service chain

The Novacom platform can be connected to third-party systems and new incoming and outgoing data streams.

The NovaConnect service offering includes a feasibility study for connection of GPS terminals to the Novacom Services platform. In most cases, the user can continue to use their terminals normally, while also benefiting from the Novacom web interface, with all its advanced functions: map, reports, alerts, administration, etc.

The following are generally supported: PDA/GPS devices, GPS/GPRS or GPS/satellite modems, etc.

NovaConnect is a modular solution which is also suitable for the following needs:

  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Tracking people and sharing (geopositioning of mobile terminals)
  • Management of assignments and GPS guidance