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HumaNav Workshop

5 June 2018

Back on the day in Copenagen

The annual workshop of our HumaNav team took place this year in Copenhagen, where we were welcomed on the site of Maersk headquarters.

Tracking and fleet management

Back on the program of this busy day:

9.00  Roundtable

9.15  With HumaNav in your Aid mission, get a quick ROI

9.30  New HumaNav features for your mission

  • Schedule, routes & corridoring, vehicle panel, filters, fleet management & maintenance
  • New tracking units
  • Continuous improvement from field return – ICRC

10.15  Questions & Answers

10.45  Coffee break

11.00  Use case: HumaNav for a more efficient food delivery – WFP Somalia

11.30   New HumaNav features for your mission

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Fuel 360

Lunch break

14.00  Datamining

  • Let me turn your big data into key information!
  • Dashboards & KPIs

15.00  Roadmap 2018-2019

15.30  Coffee break

15.45  Case Study: GFM Global Fleet Management – UNHCR

Open discussion

Tracking and fleet management


Tracking and fleet management

Tracking and fleet management