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The expert in telematics for trailers

TrailermaticsTrailermatics brings you tailor-made solutions for transport activities. Our rafts of services are modular and offer a variety of options allowing you to track, control and protect your assets and their consignments.

In addition to the basic position of your equipment, you have the ability to collect the real-time data essential to the management of your fleet, using a dedicated mobile telematics box.
Among its many benefits, Trailermatics helps you to enhance the security and performance of your transport activities, and to reduce levels of breakdown, tyre wear and fuel consumption.

For more information about Trailermatics : www.trailermatics.com

DG200 technology

The DG terminal is a mobile telematics box, equipped with an external power supply, which combines the GPRS / GSM transmission networks and GPS and RF technologies, in order to provide a cost-effective and reliable telematics solution for trailers.

Its unique functions include, for example, wireless sensors, the option of installing the modem in the factory on the lorry production line, CAN bus integration for electronically controlled braking systems, a long-life back-up battery, and a wide range of operating temperatures.

The user interface

  • Trailermatics
  • Geoflex
  • Menu
  • Rapports

Novacom offers you the use of its powerful web interface dedicated to the trailers sector: simple, user-friendly and extremely fast, it gives easy access to all Trailermatics functions.

Main functions

On the ground

  • Security: Goods are kept under close surveillance thanks to door opening alarms and door sensors detecting unauthorised movements
  • Safety: Transmission of information from the EBS, verification before start-up (site arrival/exit)
  • Driver peace-of-mind

At the operations centre

  • Usage reports
  • Tyre pressure control
  • Refrigerated trailer control through real-time temperature surveillance
  • Planning management with estimated arrival time updates
  • Geopositioning for controlling routes

Various services are combined with our solution

  • On-site installation
  • Start-up training
  • After-sales service
  • Hotline available Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm
  • IT hosting
  • Data security thanks to our parent company CLS’s data centre

Your benefits

  • Optimisation of your fleet

  • Reduction of your operating costs

  • Improvement of the quality and reliability of your journeys

  • Fuel savings

  • Time savings

  • Everyday work of your dispatchers made easier

Our strengths

  • Life-time modem/product guarantee
  • Pan-European operating network and services
  • Partnerships with the main European service providers in the trailer industry
  • A perfect understanding of the needs of this industry, since our staff have a background in the trailer sector
  • Over 25 years’ experience in tracking and positioning through the different companies in our group
  • Our own dedicated computer centre, entirely run by us and manned 24/7, is supported by a post-incident recovery centre, and boasts an availability rate of over 99.9%



Novacom offers a fleet management solution enabling Schenker to follow the position of its trailers in real time.


To meet the needs of the HCR, Novacom Services built a tailor-made solution. It is composed of a dual-mode GPRS/satellite telecommunications box, combined with a driver identification reader and an on-board screen in the cab.


NOVACOM SERVICES announces the deployment of a real-time satellite and RFID tracking and traceability solution for the transportation of AIRBUS A380 and A350 parts.

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