Our commitments

Our commitments

Opting for the Novacom solution means benefiting from technical and professional expertise which will meet the precise demands of your business.

Tailor-made solutions based on proven technologies

First and foremost, Novacom Services offers you a service! We are not a manufacturer, we are a dedicated service provider. This means we can offer you customised products and provide, where required, a turnkey solution: planning your project, installation of on-board terminals, training, hotline and after-sales service.

Customer service at your disposal

Using Novacom Services means dealing with a single point of contact who will offer you ongoing support, and a customer service department which will follow the various phases of your project. Benefit from our experience to manage your assets and communicate with them.

Easy implementation on the ground

Novacom Services works alongside numerous partners, both in the industrial sector (terminal suppliers) and telecommunications operators. We are therefore in a position to bring you the solution best suited to your needs.

And even if you already have your own terminals or applications, Novacom Services has much to offer you.

Service continuity

Novacom Services offers the continuity of service provided by its platform. Our platform is operational 24 hours a day, guaranteeing you an availability level of over 99.6%.

Technological expertise

Novacom Services benefits from the 25 years of experience held by our parent company, CLS, in the field of positioning and data-collection solutions. Novacom Services is also supported by TELESPAZIO, which contributes all its skills in space technologies and telecommunications.

A strong return on investment

Each key business function benefits from Novacom’s services: the operator can react in real time, the manager can analyse the data and rationalise spending. Returns on investment are also reflected in a marketing boost: you can allow your own customers to have access to data, thereby considerably improving your image and transparency.

On a daily basis, we offer our customers simplicity: unlimited access to the functions of the web application and flat-rate monthly billing covering service, equipment and telecoms.



Novacom offers a fleet management solution enabling Schenker to follow the position of its trailers in real time.


To meet the needs of the HCR, Novacom Services built a tailor-made solution. It is composed of a dual-mode GPRS/satellite telecommunications box, combined with a driver identification reader and an on-board screen in the cab.


NOVACOM SERVICES announces the deployment of a real-time satellite and RFID tracking and traceability solution for the transportation of AIRBUS A380 and A350 parts.

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