• Gestion des déchets


Eazy collecteEazy-Collecte is a solution which allows you to oversee your waste management assets using an on-board screen connected to a dedicated web interface.
In real time, you can collect the data essential to the successful completion of trips and receive instant alerts in the event of a malfunction.

We provide you with tools suited to the different activities in Waste Management (door-to-door collection, voluntary bring bank / group point collection, urban waste management, nomadic staff) as well as services for local authorities.

Dedicated web application

  • BAV
  • Frise
  • Planning
  • Prévu réalisé
  • Prévu réalisé bis
  • Vue bacs
  • Vue phases
  • Vue satellite
  • Vue vitesse et marche arrière

Main functions

On the ground:

  • Touch-screen entering of events or anomalies encountered during collection
  • Driver guidance on reference trip
  • Telephony with “hands-free kit”
  • Dematerialisation of asset checks during entry into service

At the operations centre:

  • Search for assets having passed through a given street
  • Comparison of the completed trip and the reference trip
  • Secure management of Incentive-based Pricing
  • Interface with on-board weighing
  • Real-time collection of work units: tonnage, mileage, duration, number of bins
  • Dematerialisation
  • Trip reports

Various services are combined with our solution:

  • Start-up training
  • After-sales service
  • Hotline available Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm
  • Data security thanks to our parent company CLS’s data centre

Your benefits

  • Staff safety
  • Valuing of drivers
  • Optimisation of the volume collected on each trip
  • Overall reduction in assets fleet
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Fuel savings
  • Time savings

Our strengths

  • Expertise in waste management asset tracking
  • Perfect understanding of requirements in the sector
  • A comprehensive, upgradeable and adaptable solution



Novacom offers a fleet management solution enabling Schenker to follow the position of its trailers in real time.


To meet the needs of the HCR, Novacom Services built a tailor-made solution. It is composed of a dual-mode GPRS/satellite telecommunications box, combined with a driver identification reader and an on-board screen in the cab.


NOVACOM SERVICES announces the deployment of a real-time satellite and RFID tracking and traceability solution for the transportation of AIRBUS A380 and A350 parts.

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