The mobile solution for easier deliveries

BTPThanks to the E-BETON solutions, you can manage your assets, mixers, mixer-pumps and pumps, in order to optimise your deliveries.

Novacom Services has joined forces with the company Penbase, which is highly skilled in smartphone mobility solutions for managing interventions on the ground.

E-BETON thus enables you to collect, in real time, the data essential to successful completion of deliveries, to control asset rotations, manage mission orders, distribute electronic delivery notes and receive instant alerts in the event of any malfunction.

The web interface

  • Interface web
  • Interface web
  • Interface web
  • Interface web

Main functions

On the ground

  • Identification of the driver and his lorry
  • Site selection from the list of the day
  • Guidance to the site taking account of HGV bans
  • Time-stamping of the different delivery stages, from arrival on site to departure from the site, either in declarative mode (PDA entry) or in automatic mode
  • Electronic customer signature on PDA
  • Option of taking contextual photos
  • Telephony
  • Locking of PDA to “e-béton” application only

At the operations centre

  • Recovery and viewing of mission orders in table format
  • Updating of mission orders status in line with delivery progress
  • Creation of a summary service order with the sequence of stages times-stamped and the customer’s signature

Various services are combined with our solution

  • On-site installation

  • Start-up training

  • After-sales service

  • Hotline available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

  • IT hosting

  • Data security thanks to our parent company CLS’s data centre

Your benefits

  • Easier management of asset fleets
  • Real-time positioning of assets
  • Enhanced sequencing of mixer rotations to reduce waiting times
  • Optimised delivery rates
  • Precise identification of oil-change locations
  • Control of addition of water during delivery
  • Connection to the lorry’s FMS in order to analyse driver behaviour and diesel consumption

Our strengths

  • Perfect understanding of requirements in the sector
  • A comprehensive, upgradeable and adaptable solution
  • Collaboration with Penbase, a specialist in mobile applications on PDAs



Novacom offers a fleet management solution enabling Schenker to follow the position of its trailers in real time.


To meet the needs of the HCR, Novacom Services built a tailor-made solution. It is composed of a dual-mode GPRS/satellite telecommunications box, combined with a driver identification reader and an on-board screen in the cab.


NOVACOM SERVICES announces the deployment of a real-time satellite and RFID tracking and traceability solution for the transportation of AIRBUS A380 and A350 parts.

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